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MILLION DOLLAR MIND is a comprehensive money empowerment coaching program designed to catapult you to millionairess.  It is all about learning your personal money archetypes and will reveal both your strengths and your challenges when it comes to money and your mindset. 

The coaching that accompanies it is designed to
up-level your approach to money so that you are
in charge of your financial destiny.


MILLION DOLLAR MIND MONEY MAKER is designed to catapult yourself to millionairess.

This program is for you if you're ready to:
*Create Lucrative Programs & Offers
*Charge What You Are Worth
*Let Go Of Perfectionism & Overwhelm
*Press Reset On Your Money Mindset



MILLION DOLLAR LIFE is one of the world's leading transformational memberships for the financial empowerment of women.  This is a place for every woman.  It is the place where you will learn how to be a Wealthy Woman Every Day..

This is a community of accountability so that you can fully learn the art of becoming a Wealthy Woman.  Includes:  Dining & Travel Rewards, Money Mindset Coaching, Masterclasses and so much more.


MILLION DOLLAR MARKETING is one of the world's leading all-inclusive marketing strategy
for women business owners.

Our multi-million dollar platform is designed to expertly build, manage and market your five-star online reputation & skyrocket your bookings, reviews, referrals and revenue!  Surpass your competition with an online reputation that attracts new clients with next-level strategies that are focused on the FOUR CORES of business:  Reputation, Social media, Funnels & Automation and Paid Traffic.


STAND OUT ONLINE Membership Program is the first "All in One" Membership program designed to remove the overwhelm, frustration and confusion with online marketing, while getting your business massive exposure through influencer marketing.  Get featured, promoted, and in front of over a million potential clients.

I am sure you have heard of "Influencer Marketing".  That is when someone with a large social media following showcases YOUR products and services to THEIR followers!  This is an extremely effective form of marketing and people are paying loads of money to utilize the services of Influencers across social media.

I am an affiliate for this program and I will receive a commission from this company.


Creating Content Is A Lot Of Work. 
It’s Time You Make The Most Of It.

Searchie is the most flexible, easy-to-use solution to create, organize, and share your content through digital courses, membership sites, coaching programs and more.

Discover the future of content management and digital product delivery with Searchie's easy-to-use automations and AI-powered assistants.

I am an affiliate for this program and I will receive a commission from this company.


THRIVECART is the very best shopping cart that allows you to create high-converting cart pages, funnels, affiliate campaigns, courses and more.

 Grab a limited LIFETIME license & never pay ongoing fees again!
Tailored business insights dashboard
High converting carts & funnels
Powerful customer behavior rules
Unlimited checkout pages
Powerful affiliate & JV functionality PRO
Free online course creator!
First class customer support

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Why Flodesk?

Unlimited Subscribers With Flodesk:
Members are never penalized for successfully growing their lists. Subscriptions are $38/month for unlimited email sends, unlimited subscribers and unlimited access to all features.

Get 50% off your first year with my code!

I am an affiliate for this program and I will receive a commission from this company.