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Reclaim Your Female Ancestral Powers… for 2024 

Reclaim Your Female Ancestral Powers… for 2024 

What would it feel like to stand fully in your feminine power? Often, as women, we are in the habit of giving up our power to those around us, especially men. Many of us, including myself, have been taught to put the needs and expectations of others first rather than follow our guidance and stay true to ourselves. This is my story of how I stopped compromising myself and reclaimed by female ancestral powers...and how you can, too.

My Story

I realized I had been giving up my power after I ended a ten-year relationship, and I went to buy a coffee maker at Target. I was sitting in the aisle, confused and upset, with tears coming down my face because I didn’t know what coffee maker to buy. For the first time, I heard my thought process, and all it was saying was, “What would he want?” “how much would he want to spend?” “what would be best for him?” and at the sametime feeling this anxiety coming over me.

This experience made me reflect on all of my relationships, including romantic and platonic ones. Had all my decisions ever been made to please other people and not myself? All my life, had I been trying to fulfill someone else’s emotional needs  and expectations of me? The answer was a tough one: yes.

Where did this pattern come from?

I looked back on my childhood at my mother. She gave over her female power to my father. When I was twelve years old, my father retired at the age of sixty-five. Both of my parents seemed happy at the time with that decision, but soon after I remember my mother making negative comments about him retiring. “He shouldn't, he is a selfish man, he did whatever he wanted, didn't care about her, you shouldn’t depend on any man.blah blah blah…”

At the time I didn’t understand why she was so upset, but now I do. I came to realize after going through my experience, what my mother really wanted is to feel supported and secured and because she didn’t know how to communicate in a healthy way, speak her truth and stand up for herself it left her making these negative comments. Again, here was the pattern of trying to fulfill someone else’s emotional needs and expectations, rather than her own.

This pattern of females giving up their power goes back generations in my family.

It is deeper than just me and my mother. It is an ancestral karmic pattern in which the women’s place was to take care of the children, husband, and home. Many other big decisions were made by the men of the family and a greater value was placed on men and male children over women and female children.

My mother came from a family of 12 (number of children). In Hawai’i we have the practice called ‘hanai’, or unofficial adoption where a child is given away to a relative and is then raised by them instead of their biological family. Because my grandparents had so many children, they decided to give my mother away. In fact, the arrangement was set before she was even born. If she had been a boy, this likely wouldn’t have happened.

My grandmother didn't have a choice or say in the matter. My grandmother was heartbroken because she didn’t want to give my mother up. This is how the karmic pattern of women staying silent and not speaking their truth got passed through from generation to generation in my family. We forgot how, because those before us forgot. This forgetting deeply affected the way we raised our kids and how we connected to relationships around us.

What does reclaiming your female ancestral powers mean?

The truth is, we have choices. We can stop the cycle of staying quiet and giving up our power. We can start speaking up, asking questions, and digging into the past and ourselves for answers. We can inspire our children by taking action and living differently. I am standing up and reclaiming my ancestral powers by helping women connect to their inner truth, wisdom, and guidance as a spiritual coach and healer. These are ancestral gifts that are a long lost part of my family’s lineage.

Are you ready to reclaim your power in 2024? 

Are you ready to start trusting yourself in a deep and unapologetic way? Do you want to be able to make decisions with self-confidence and ease? Reclaim your birthright?

It all starts with doing the inner work 

"Your external reality is a reflection of your internal dialogue"

Everything begins and ends with energy 

Energy creates your thoughts 

Thoughts creates your emotions 

and your emotions creates your ACTION 

and your ACTION is what creates your REALITY 

So the ACTION step you can take right now is to ground, ground, ground

Grounding is a way to stay in the present moment 

There’s different ways you can ground: 

Walk barefoot 

Sit under or next to a tree

I like to visualize in my meditations connecting my root chakra to the center of the planet 

Buy doing this it helps my body to feel safe and supported 

So that I can start to release any energy where in your life you’ve given up your power to 

Then finally setting an intention on what you want to bring in, new experience and most importantly, 

how do you want to feel.

Author: Janese Ululani


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